OpenRPG/Traipse Mini Interview (2011)

How long has your VT been around, do you feel its keeping to it's original "design"?

I actually develop a fork of the OpenRPG virtual game table and I call it Traipse. Traipse has been around for two years now.

How many people contribute to developing your VT?

I do the coding but I do accept ideas. People are interested in developing but are learning at their own pace.

Do you target a specific RPG system, if so why? Is this likely to change?

No. The OpenRPG core is not specific to any system.

What system do you feel is the most popular on your VT, do you feel your user base would be affected by an official VT for that system?

No answer

How do you decide which RPG systems to adapt for your VT?

I develop what people ask for. One of the developments Traipse has over other OpenRPG based VGTs is a Warhammer dieroller that uses words to represent pictures.

Do you offer accessories for your VT, do you think there is a market for this?

I do offer some character sheets and tools for my VT. I do think there is a market for VT accessories.

Are you seeing an increase in the number of people that use your software, are VT's becoming more popular?

I do see an increase in the number of users that pick up Traipse. Overall, OpenRPG based user ship is down, mainly due to poor code maintenance. VT's are becoming more popular, but nothing beats a good face to face game.

How have the tight financial times affected your product?

Not really. The software is free.

What do you think the strengths and weaknesses of your VT are?

The OpenRPG core is an open technology. The source code is open and the language is easy to learn.

What do you have on the cards next, what should we look forward to?

The Pious Paladin milestone. It's a near complete code rewrite, replacing wxPython in favor of PyQt. This change will allow for awesome map effects, really cool chat features … and the code will be much easier to understand and designed to have an easy to modify UI.

Where do you think RPGs and / or VTs will go next?

Where I am going next. Multi Touch Table top computers that allow for multiple users to play on the same table … while being connected to a server for additional online players.

In one sentence tell me why I should use your VT, over the competition?

No. When Pious Paladin comes out I will have something for you.

Thanks to pro.ebral at the RPGObjects forums for taking the time to answer the questions.