Real World

Some people already use Projectors hooked up to their computer, and use their favourite VT software for Face to Face games. Here I will list "Real World" accessories that whilst not maybe purpose made for VTs are definitely aimed towards the Electronic RPG crowd.

Are you using a Projector and your favourite VT software in Face to Face games? Then ePawn might be for you.



It's great to have a program help your game, but do you really want to have a computer roll the dice for you? DiceCAM allows you to use real dice in your computerized game. Let your VTT keep track of hit points and ongoing damage, AC and hit bonuses. Roll your dice, and let the computer sort it out.

DiceCAM consists of a wooden box (about the size of a cigar box) with a webcam mounted in the lid, watching the bottom of the box. When you roll dice into the box, the webcam interprets your roll and passes the result to your game.