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Cursory Review 2019: Active development, small community, mostly french.


Rolisteam helps you to manage a role playing game with remote friends/players. It provides many features to share maps, pictures and it also includes tool to communicate with you friends/players. Free software under GPL licence. It is written in C++/Qt.

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  • Character Sheet
  • Music player
  • Name Generator, Unit Converter
  • Rich text Editor.
  • Secret/Open Dice rolling
  • Share pictures, maps
  • Maps: Fog of war, drawing, vectorial options
  • Playable Character or Player identity (in chat)
  • PC and NPC positioning on map.
  • One to One/Many/All Chat communication
  • Client/Server architecture.
  • internationalization French, English, Portuguese, Hungrian,German, Roumanian, Spanish, Turkish(partial), Dutch(partial).
  • And many others…


Facebook page
Youtube channel lots of recent gameplay, french
Twitch gameplay streams, french recent live one had 800 watchers
Get involved page


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