Battlegrounds RPG

Note: QuickTime is required to view these tutorials (or some other media player that supports H.264 encoding).

Tutorial 1: Dice Rolling and Dice Macros

Small Version
Large Version

It's around 16 minutes long. I suggest you right-click the link and select to download it to disk, rather than try to play the video in your browser.

Tutorial 2: How to Install an Adventure Module

Installation by the GM
Installation by a Player

These are short and sweet, and should play fine in your web browser. The same procedure is used to install any adventure module, although the exact files in each module will vary.

Tutorial 3: How to Use and Configure the Turn Sequencer

Download video
Running time is about 11 minutes long. Sorry about the sound quality.

Tutorial 4: Porting a boardgame into Battlegrounds

This 3-part tutorial will walk you through the entire process of porting a boardgame into Battlegrounds. Each part is approximately 14 minutes long. Although this tutorial deals with porting one particular game, the intent is to show you how a similar process could be applied to convert any given boardgame.

Part 1:

Focuses on creating the digital game components using a graphics program (in this case, Adobe Photoshop), then organizing the assets into folders for eventual use in Battlegrounds.

Link to video

Part 2:

Focuses on importing the digital game components into Battlegrounds.

Link to video

Part 3:

Focuses on laying out the game components into a playable game, and packaging the boardgame conversion for distribution.

Link to video


A number of d20Pro videos can be seen here.

Epic Table

Epic Table tutorials can be seen here.

Fantasy Grounds

Here are some video tutorials by Xorne (Jason Hibdon) at the Fantasy Grounds forum

Player Quickstart (player tools)
Hosting Games (host tools)
Campaign Management (adventure preparation)
Example Encounter (putting it all together)

dm-crazy's YouTube videos
doswelk's YouTube videos


Welcome & Introduction: Watch an iTabletop Pandoren introduction video to get you started on the website and Pandoren software.
Fog of War: The Modfather demonstrates how to create, modify, and remove the new iTabletop Pandoren Fog of War.
The Grid: Paladin shows the ins and outs of the square and hex grid system in iTabletop Pandoren!
Player Dice Cups: Hermit shows you how to put together player-centric dice cups on the fly, in part 1 of the Dice Roller tutorial.
Token Dice Cups: In part 2 of the Dice Roller tutorial, Hermit shows you how easily dice cups are attached to character tokens.


A number of video tutorials can be found here.


Various tutorials for MapTools can be found here.